Coffee grinder cleaner

Cleaner for coffee grinder


Sielaff Milchreiniger
Reinigungstabletten Blister

Cleaning tablets

for super-automatic espresso machines

Milk system cleaner

for milk frother and cream machines liquid and tablet


Liquid, powder and tablet descaling agents

Cleaning powder

Backflush detergent for espresso machines

Maintenance and cleaning products for coffee equipment

Founded in 1982 lujo clean has been on the cutting edge supplying industrial strength cleaners safe enough for domestic use. Our products are specially designed to make the cleaning and sanitizing of your coffee and espresso machine a simple and easy process. With lujo cleans simple maintenance plan you can prolong the life of your brewing unit.

With our extraordinary range of products for all established coffee, espresso and vending machines, lujo clean can offer the perfect cleaning product for your machine, such as milk frother cleaner, descaler or cleaning tablets.

All our products, like milk frother cleaner, cleaning powder for espressomachines or descaler are highly effective and gentle to your machine.

Quality makes the difference - your coffee is only as good as your cleaning regement

With extensive quality control we guarantee a steady high quality of our cleaning and maintenance products.

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lujoCLEAN produces high quality cleaning products for Ho.Re.Ca., Vending machines and consumer.

Our cleaning products are engineered to cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance for both commercial and consumer coffee machines.

Proper coffee machine maintenance ensures the highest quality product & extends the life of your machine.


Milk Frother Cleaner, Cleaning Tablets for coffee machines, Descaler, etc.

  • Cleaning Tablets for espresso and coffee machines
  • Cleaning Powder for espresso and coffee machines
  • Liquid Cleaner for coffee machines
  • Milk Frother Cleaner
  • Descaler for coffee machines and hot water machines
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Lubricant for Brewers
  • Water softener
  • glas and dishwashing detergent
  • disinfectant