Advertise for yourself not for somebody else.

In today´s fast paste business environment you need a product that really stands out against the competition.

What could be better than our premium quality and highly effective cleaning products especially designed to clean and maintain coffee machines with your brand name.

Our products are top rated among the industry leaders. With the highest quality so you can be assured your brand name will be protected while attracting new customers with exciting new products.

  • High Quality
  • wide range of products
  • many satisfied customers and customer loyalty are priceless advantages.


All we need from you : your company logo as a .pdf or graphic - file, an adress and a telephone number which we will print on the label.

Which products can we produce with your label? Every one of our products you can get with your own, individual label.

Is there a minimum purchase? Less than you might think, we will produce our product with your label from as little as one packaging unit.

How much does it cost? Nothing, this service we offer you for free.