Special products for perfect all-round care

lujoCLEAN has the right product for every need and every device.

Whether cleaning, care or disinfection – our range offers a high-quality solution. Our products create the optimum conditions for the best coffee taste and a long service life for your machine.

  • All ingredients in food-grade quality
  • Easy to use, economical in consumption
  • Continuous improvement of products and manufacturing

TwoInOne - Cleaner and descaler

Special cleaner and descaler for pad and capsule coffee machines.


Nature - Grinder cleaner

100% organic and food safe.

Lubricant for brewing units

lujoCLEAN special lubricant based on PTFE is developed especially for the maintenance and lubrication of the brewing units of coffee machines.


Liquid coffee machine detergent AC

Liquid coffee machine detergent gentle and effortless removal of sediments and scalings.


Fresh up plus

Alcoholic cleaner for the hygienic and quick care