Nature - Grinder cleaner

lujoCLEAN Nature coffee grinder cleaner is the first cleaning agent for coffee grinders developed and produced entirely in Germany. It is suitable for all types of coffee grinders, but not for the grinder of fully automatic coffee machines.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we do not use any unnatural additives (e.g. pharmaceutical surfactants etc.) in the production process. You receive a 100% organic product from us.

The special formula cleans and removes grease deposits from the grinding discs. This ensures that "old" coffee deposits in the grinder do not adulterate the aroma of your coffee. The cleaner also minimises weight fluctuations in coffee grinders/dosing mills that grind in portions.

For permanently clean grinders, we recommend monthly cleaning of your coffee grinder.

  • 100% from organic ingredients
  • Made in Germany
  • neutral in taste
  • Easy to use